D1nn3rt1me Abuse

D1nn3rt1me Abuse

A male slave is kneeling in a corner, collared, blindfolded, and gagged. It hasn’t eaten in so long. Empress Jennifer has been starving it because it is so fat. But now Empress Jennifer will prepare the slave a pre-chewed meal that will include her “divine Empress spit”.

Several types of food are available (i.e. chocolate candies, bananas, yoghurt etc.). U start 2 chew the foods one by one n spit the chewed food into a bowl. U go 2 the slave, spitting in his face, slapping his face n kicking his balls. U bind his hands together behind his back.

U remove the gag n the blindfold n put the slave on a leash. U spit into the bowl n forcibly spoon-feed the slave. When half of the bowl has been fed 2 the slave u dump the bowl on the floor n order the slave 2 crawl 2 the pile, with your boot on the slaves head u force the slave 2 lick it up completely. During the entire video u`re verbally insulting n abusing the slave.

Keywords: Female Domination, Faceslapping, Food Stuffing, Humiliation, Spitting

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10 min

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