Date with a Size Queen Part 2

Date with a Size Queen Part 2

Summer Monroe recently humiliated u on what u though was a one night stand. She wouldn’t fuck u because your cock was too small. But now she says she feels bad about masturbating in front of u and making fun of your tiny cock, so she wants 2 make it up 2 u.

This time, she still won’t fuck u, but she will pose sexy 4 u while your jerk off. But she says she has a fetish, she wants 2 watch u eat your own cum after…

U can’t resist her, so u start 2 stroke your cock in front of her while she poses seductively. Her body is fucking perfect. She encourages your 2 cum, and then she tells u 2 wipe it all over your face n get it in your mouth.

Then she pulls out her phone n takes pictures of u. Her tone quickly changes 2 bitchy, and she explains that she just wanted 2 get a picture of the man with the smallest dick in the world with cum all over his face. She struts away n leaves u humiliated…

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