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Daughters New Boyfriend

foot domination

Vanessa was very excited and nervous about her date. She has been wanting him to as her out for a while and he finally asked. When he arrived, Vanessa just needed to finish up her makeup and hair, than she would be ready to go. She told him to make himself comfortable and she would be right out. He is clearly nervous too. Without saying a word, he sits on the couch and wipes his sweaty palms on his jeans.

Vanessa’s mother (Leena) came into the room and sits next to him. She is wearing a short skirt and sexy heels. Leena immediately props her feet up on his lap and says that her daughter is notorious for taking too long to get ready, but she does have good taste in men. She gets him to take off her shoes and rub her feet. She can tell he likes it and that he would really like to kiss her feet.

Leena tells him to get on the floor and that if he wants to continue to see her daughter, then he will need to please her mother. He opens his mouth wide and she puts her bare foot in his mouth. She likes his tongue going up and down the soles of her feet. Vanessa yells from the other room that she will be right out and Leena tells him to kiss her feet one last time and put her shoes back on. Leena explains that he will have his daughter back by 10pm.

Vanessa enters the room not knowing anything that happened and Leena tells them to have a good time but remember 10pm. Vanessa is completely lost, she thought her curfew was midnight.


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