Denied Footstool Gets Sweaty Socks

Denied Footstool Gets Sweaty Socks

After a nice workout Madam ravenrae uses her losers face with her sweaty socks and feet while she continued to stretch and check her text messages. She still has her yoga pants on and sports bra, still sweaty from her last workout. Poor little ignored foot loser can’t do anything but obey. As she mocks him and laughs at him before she heads out 4 the strip club to pull another hot Asian stripper she laughs at the fact that he’s probably never even talked to a stripper. But all this loser can do is be underfoot and then take her shoe shopping… don’t you wish you we`re this foot loser?

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Raven Rae, Sweaty Socks, Ignore, Ignored, Ignoring

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