Destroyed Doormats

Destroyed Doormats

We got 2 of our pathetic slaves to pay us to use them as backyard patio doormats, haha! Oh, Domina Suvana n I made them get a full mouthful of dirt off our feet. We walked around in the grass n dirt n then made then stick their tongues out n lick our feet clean like a human doormat. But then we didn’t want slave germs on our feet either. So we made them wash our feet while we humiliated them further! Then they had 2 go lay outside just in case we needed to use them as doormats again… which we didn’t because we were going out with some hot guys. They just had 2 lay there anyway, like a couple of rejects. We don’t care if they stay out there all night.

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Humiliation, Footworship

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