Dirty Dirty B00t Reward

Dirty Dirty B00t Reward

Whats worse than having 2 clean the dirt off out thigh high boots? Licking your own ball sweat off them after we just kicked your nuts in, LOL. I`m sure u foot freaks have thought it would be hot 2 lick the dirt from the bottom of Mistress Harleys boots before But this in the Next Level in loserdom. Email me if u`re such scum that u need this kind of degradation 2 get off n Mistress Harley might invite u here 2 Mean 2 get your nuts kicked over n over by our kinky boots. Then as a reward u will set up a camera n record u thanking us n licking your own ball sweat off the boots that just ruined your manhood! Hahah!

Dominatrix Chanel

Keywords: Femdom, Foot Fetish, Bootlicking, Footworship, Humiliation, Boot Domination, Chanel, Mistress, Harley

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