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Domination For Your Own Good - Flight attendants have training on diapering passengers and you are mistakenly used as their test subject - HD 1080 [Adult Diaper, Age Regression, Humiliation]

Domination For Your Own Good - Flight attendants have training on diapering passengers and you are mistakenly used as their test subject - HD 1080 [Adult Diaper, Age Regression, Humiliation]

You`re on a business trip, minding your own business in the hallway of a conference center, when a stern, but kind and attractive flight attendant training instructor catches you as you`re taking a break, standing there, right outside their training room. Apparently, you fit the description of the guy that was supposed to be a test subject for the flight attendant’s recurrent training on “diapering for special needs passengers”, but he flaked out. The instructor mistakenly grabs you and says: “glad you finally made it, get in here.. you’re late, the ladies are waiting – we need to get started & get your clothes off”. You start to protest, but you are intrigued as she strips u right there in the hallway and takes your clothes. You – naked with three beautiful flight attendants.. how bad could that be?? You end up in a training room with her and the 2 other flight attendants. This is not happening… oh but it is..

You think maybe you’re going to get lucky, but things take a radically different turn. Fetish Femdom org She begins talking about “diapering passengers”. Whaaat?

The next thing you know, you are naked as a test fetish femdom org subject on their training table and the instructor is showing the other flight attendants how to rectally take your temperature, bottle feed and administer suppositories on you. She also shows them the company issued diaper bags they`ll be carrying and how to change different types of diapers. About the time they have put three layers of disposable diapers on you, your bowels start to churn from the suppositories. You think things couldn’t get any more embarrassing, then the instructor starts patting and rubbing your diapered bottom in front of the other ladies and they encourage you to mess yourself like a baby for “educational purposes”. You uncontrollably wet n mess yourself as the flight attendants watch on in fascination and giggle as you soak through the layers of diapers.

You think it’s over after you have completely messed yourself, but the instructor stops to remind you: “Oh you didn’t know.. that was just ONE of the classes – I`ve 3 more groups of trainees coming in.. you might as well make yourself comfortable!”

So you learned a few things today… getting probed in the ass multiple times, diapered and uncontrollably wetting and messing yourself in front of multiple ladies surprisingly now turns you on..who would have thought?! And finally, you never know what’s going to happen with a group of flight attendants!

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2019 mb
27 min



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