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Domination For Your Own Good - Meet Your New Babysitter - Part 3 HD

Domination For Your Own Good - Meet Your New Babysitter - Part 3 HD


Mommy adores looking after you, but as she’s done in the past when she has things to do, she surprises you with a special treat by bringing in a new babysitter periodically. THIS time, it is (gasp!) the super cute cheerleader from your English class (Allison) that you`ve had a crush on forever. It was a secret crush you never told anyone – especially not Mommy. Cheerleader Allison has convinced your Mommy of all good intentions and that she is available to help powder and diaper you, then change your soaking wet diapers. She seemed sincere enough to Mommy – why not?

Little does Mommy know, like the other preceding babysitters, Cheerleader Allison has ulterior motives. She always thought you were a dorky, pathetic, diaper wearing wuss and has heard ALL the rumors at school about you. She is going to do whatever necessary to get proof to show the other girls N secretly tease n humiliate you up close and personal, bringing it to an entirely new level!

Before Mommy leaves, she shows Cheerleader Allison how to change your diapers, gives u a binky, then shows her where your suppositories are in case you get out of line. The minute Mommy leaves, Allison’s demeanor changes. She confronts you about the rumors at school and teases you about wearing diapers. She takes pictures to show all the girls at school n reminds you how you`ll never have a girlfriend. Then she gives you a challenge: she tells fetish femdom org you she is going to call her boyfriend over to show you what a REAL man is like. IF you can keep from messing yourself, you won’t have to clean up his jizz, but if you DO mess yourself, you WILL have to clean up his jizz AND lick her panties clean.

She then puts five suppositories in your bum bum, gives you a full ba ba and has her boyfriend over, teasing you unmercifully, fucking her boyfriend right there in your crib as you sit there n watch, not able to do anything about it as she pokes your little wee wee through your diapee and laughs about “too bad you aren’t potty trained so you can do things like this”!

You`re so embarrassed but turned on at the same time. You start to prematurely ejaculate but instead.. uh oh! You completely lose the bet, messing your diaper. Both Cheerleader Allison AND her boyfriend immediately notice the smell! She laughs, telling you fetish femdom org she KNEW you couldn’t control yourself, so she further humiliates you, takes his hard cock out of her freshly fucked pussy, grabs your bottle n catches her boyfriend’s jizz onto the nipple of your ba ba then feeds it to you! OMG!

Then, she takes off her panties and leaves them with you to lick them clean as you lay there with a messy diaper and sucking your thumb. Will U be able to resist making a creamie as she teases and humiliates you? Only one way to find out!

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29 Mar 2018

Thank you Garry!
But I really wanted only one, you didn’t had to.
I am very happy of the.. I think 3 amazing years on your blog.

And once again I want to say big thanks!

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