DomNation – CRUEL SLAP AND SPIT – Goddess Tangent

DomNation – CRUEL SLAP AND SPIT - Goddess Tangent

Mistress Tangent’s personal gimp lives n breathes for any scrap of attention she chooses to bestow upon him. Being a heavy leather fetishist, he becomes immediately intoxicated by the distinctive scent of her soft leather, aroused as it brushes softly against his hair n face. Just being this close to his Goddess, he is overwhelmed. And rightfully so.

Miss Tangent toys with him endlessly, slapping his face over n over, hard enough to scramble his befuddled brain even further. She then slowly begin to him in her personal spit. So sexy! This is as close to kissing his Goddess as this slave will ever come. The harder n more often she slaps him, his need for even more grows exponentially. The more she bathes him in her oral fluid, the more deeply he descends into a state of utter helplessness and submission.

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