DomNation – Lady Cecelie – A Severe And Brutal Face Slapping

DomNation - Lady Cecelie - A Severe And Brutal Face Slapping

There is no warm up for this slave, as Lady Cecelie slaps him him over n over againharder and harderas she forces him to stare deeply into her eyes. Cecelie is cruel and relentless as she slaps him repeatedly. Tears are welling up in his eyes, his heart is pounding through his chest, he is gasping for every breath of air.

He becomes high from the adrenaline rush, his head is spinning, he is drunk with the need n desire to surrender to her. He drops to the floor humbled and broken. His mind as been wiped clean of all egotistical misgivings. No more sense of entitlement for this slave. He is now ready to bend to her`ll with out question n serve her wishes and desires. This is the way it must be if he wants to continue on as Lady Cecelie’s slave.

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