DomNation – LICK YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM, BITCH! – Princess Seva

DomNation – LICK YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM, BITCH! - Princess Seva

Having imprisoned her slave’s throbbing cock in an inescapable chastity cage, Princess Seva continues to tease and (mostly) deny him the pleasure of touching his cock. You can literally see his balls turning blue as they engorge with desire to have permission to cum. But such privileges don’t come at a price, indeed.

Dangling the key to his cock cage like a carrot, Seva instructs her dimwitted slug to clean her shoes with his tongue. If he pleases his Princess with his oral skills, she may just unlock his incarcerated cock n allow him the opportunity to release himself. Princess Seva is so cruel and seductive as she shoves her designer pumps into his mouth, while holding his freedom key just out of his reach. All the while mocking and humiliating him for being so weak and pathetic.

Lick away pathetic loser. Lick, lick, lick until I`m satisfied. And if I`m pleased, I maybe will let u kneel before me and jerk yourself off. Then again, I may not. Go ahead boy, impress me with that tongue of yours.

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