DomNation – Masturbation Tease And Denial Full Version – Mistress Elena De Luca

DomNation – Masturbation Tease And Denial Full Version - Mistress Elena De Luca

This is the full version of a popular series from Mistress Elena De Luca. That’s 24 min of hardcore real sadistic femdom action for the reduced price of $4.95 (regular price $12.99). Of course a Mistress like Elena De Luca has no tolerance for slaves pleasuring themselves in her service, so all her slaves are required to stay in chastity for weeks or even months at a time. The sexual frustration they must be feeling is unimaginable, especially considering the fact they are serving such a sexy and voluptuous mistress. In one of those very rare occasions, Mistress Elena De Luca allows her slave to touch himself while in her divine presence.Well you know the old saying: If its too good 2 be true, it usually is. Such is the case here; his nightmare has just begun. His hands are strung up with ropes above his head, and Mistress Elena controls his every masturbatory movement with the tug of a rope. In a cruel game of tease & denial, her slave gets a limited time to stroke, all the time with Mistress Elenas frequent interruptions with the yank of her rope. By the time its over, the slave is practically driven insane with the appearance of pleasure, but lacks any substance thereof. By the end he almost wishes to go back into chastity, just to have a moment of steadiness in his troubled life.

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153 mb
24 min

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