DomNation – MY WHIPPING POST – Lady Cecelie

DomNation – MY WHIPPING POST - Lady Cecelie

Lady Cecelie has a hatred for cowardly little pussies of a man. She is pretty verbal about the before mentioned feelings n quite physical as well. As it turns out, she’s feeling this way towards the slave that she’s dealing with day and lets it all out.

She has him strapped up, naked vulnerable and helpless. She lets him know immediately that she has great animosity for him and that he`ll be experiencing its full viciousness.

The Lady is favoring her carriage whip today. It feels so good in her hand as it slices so easily through the air and devastates her appalling slave’s flesh, his whining n whimpering just feeds her temper so she decides to give him what he needs and pulls out one of her cruelest single tails and cremates her loathsome little minion.

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