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DomNation - Slapped Silly - Janira Wolfe [Face Slapping]

DomNation - Slapped Silly - Janira Wolfe [Face Slapping]

Goddess Janira Wolfe has her slave helplessly pinned beneath her as she straddles him full weight, thus making his demise inevitable. Powerless to do anything other than simply lie beneath this breathtaking Goddess, this pet is about to receive a motivational face slapping.

Indeed, his irreverence is in need of an attitude adjustment. And what better way to cut a man down to size, than via a hard, stinging, cheek reddening face slapping from a beautiful, petite woman half his size.

His body flails and flops around like a fish out of water, but resistance is futile. He bucks his body uncontrollably in an attempt to avoid the blows, but Goddess Wolfe’s powerful ass and thighs hold him in place, keeping him prisoner as she slaps him relentlessly and without remorse.

Smack after stinging smack, she pounds his face n chest until he is begging for mercy. But the only mercy she grants him, is a momentary reprieve just long enough to spit a huge wad of saliva in his face.

After she is done with him, he`ll truly know his place of inferiority n servitude to The Wolfe.

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