Doom Madens – Veve Lane – Triple Threat Femme Fatale

Doom Madens - Veve Lane - Triple Threat Femme Fatale

In this fantasy scenario-based video, VeVe plays an arrogant and sadistic hitwoman who changes into three different outfits to take out three separate victims: Adrian, Diablo, and Twiggy.

Here’s the backstory (not depicted): Adrian portrays a cop who has made a deal with 2 mobsters, played by Diablo n Twiggy. In order to reduce the time on their sentence, Diablo and Twiggy have ratted out their boss Tony. Tony learns of this betrayal and sends his “associate” VeVe out to “take care” of this problem.

The scene opens on Adrian in his house. He receives a visit from VeVe, who masquerades as a stranded motorist. However, she soon reveals her true intent… and her femme fatale outfit for this scene: black latex thigh-high stockings, black latex skirt, and a tight sleeveless latex top. VeVe physically overpowers Adrian, forcing him to the floor with strikes and working him over and torturing him with wrestling holds, including scissors, chokeholds, jointlocks, and even Boston Crabs. She finishes him off with a hand-over-mouth and then finds the address to Diablo and Twiggy’s hideout.

In the next scene, Diablo is laying in bed, talking to Twiggy and recovering from a fight he had with VeVe (not depicted). Diablo has had his ribs broken and is helpless. Twiggy promises to finish their mission and leaves Diablo alone to rest. But all is not well, and VeVe pays a visit once Twiggy leaves. VeVe reveals herself and her outfit for this scene: a red nylon bodystocking with black bikini and high heel boots.. VeVe tortures the helpless Diablo into revealing Twiggy’s location, using her legs to break his arms and legs. Once Diablo confesses, VeVe scissors him to break his back and then leaves him.

In the final scene, VeVe returns to Adrian’s house to find Twiggy. Her femme fatale outfit here is: tight jeans, high heel boots, and a fitted red top. She overpowers Twiggy and incapacitates him, but he groggily escapes into the bedroom. VeVe follows him, tortures him with a bearhug, and finishes him off with a neck break. She then leaves the scene, pleased with herself, and totally in control.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Humiliation, Femme Fatale, Veve Lane, Degradation

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33 min


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