Dr. Ninas Foot Therapy

Dr. Ninas Foot Therapy

This desperate foot addict comes to Dr. Nina for “treatment” because he wants 2 be “cured” of his addiction. But when he divulges to her how much MONEY he has spent on this “addiction” of his…she just can’t resist taking advantage! Especially when he shares that it actually turns him ON to have his money taken by hot women! (Even though he doesn’t WANT it 2 turn him on…when they demand it n tease him with their feet, it just causes his dick to take over n he can’t help but give them whatever they demand!)

Dr. Nina has never had a “financial domination” patient before n finds it SO intriguing! This fetish sounds like too much FUN 4 her 2 get rid of it! N since SHE is a “hot woman” (and KNOWS it!) she decides to devise a “special” treatment for this patient- to turn him into an even MORE pathetic and obedient “financial foot slave”- for HER!

She starts by informing the patient that she is going to “try something different” n he needs 2 face his fears head-on. So she orders him to lay down at her feet, face-up. He is confused, but can’t help but obey this gorgeous doctor! (And secretly, Dr. Nina can sense his infatuation with her and is loving this newfound power!) She slowly slips off her work pump from one foot and places her moist stockinged foot down firmly on the patient’s face- and orders him to “inhale deeply”….

But little does he know that this “treatment” isn’t going to “cure” him! It is only going to drive him DEEPER into SLAVERY- slavery to Dr. Nina!

Keywords: Footworship, Shoeworship, Financial Domination

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