Drowning 4 A Thrill

Drowning 4 A Thrill

I saw this pathetic loser in the pool n immediately thought about what a thrill it would be 2 feel the life drain out of him as I scissor him underwater between my thighs. After laughing about how much it would turn me on with my girlfriend, I headed over 2 him in the kiddie area of the pool. This guy doesn’t even know it’s his last day on earth.

It took him about 2 seconds to agree 2 give me a ride on his shoulders into deeper water… n then WHAM… I gave him a HUGE SCISSOR HOLD with my rock hard legs. He went under n stayed under 4 good. It’s a good thing the bubbles of his last breath entertained me. I got so wet feeling him struggle, it was like his life force was my vibrator. My girlfriend n I just chatted about all the guys we ran over with our car n stuff. But this was a more intimate way 2 do a guy in. This video was going 2 be great 4 us girls 2 masturbate 2 later. But, eventually I could tell he was limp n gone. I left him floating in the pool why me n my girlfriend decided about where we were going to eat…

Mistress Nina Elle

Keywords: Femdom, Scissor, Free

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