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Drowning My Slaves For FUN!

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It is so much fun to have complete control over other people as My SLAVES- I LOVE it. In this clip I decide that I am going to have fun with some of My male slaves by shoving their heads underwater and STANDING on them, holding them underwater with My FEET for as long as I want! And I make My Blonde Bimbo slavegirl help Me. 🙂 She loves being owned by ME as My sidekick…lol. And eventually we have MORE fun by SITTING on My slaves heads and holding them underwater with our perfect ASSES. 🙂 Of course, I always like to make it a competition to see how badly My slaves want to PLEASE Me…so I decide to time it to see who can hold their slave underwater the longest! LOL! And we hold them down a LOOONG time! I mean, who cares if they drown anyway?? They are just SLAVES… And you’ll have to download it to see if we even let them up at the end! 😉 -Goddess Randi

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6 min

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