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Dune Feet - Bewitched


1. A guy meditates on the floor. His girlfriend comes to him and he is shocked. Her girlfriend Alice become a vampire. She bewitches him and paralised, puts his head on the chair and starts to enjoy on his face. Her pretty ass in pantyhose smothers him and takes his breath.


2. Guy is still bewitched by his girlfriend Alice. She enter the room with her vampire girlfriend Kim and they start to mistreat him. One vampire girl sits on his face and smothers him while the other stands on his stomach and tramples him.
3. Vampire girls Alice and Kim stand on the face of bewitched Alice’s boyfriend, in turn.


4. Bewitched boyfriend lays on the floor. Vampire girls Alice and Kim trample and stand on his belly.
5. Vampire girls Alice and Kim smother their bewitched victim. They sit on his face covered with a pillow.


6. One more guy is bewitched by beautiful vampire girls Alice and Kim. They are completely mad about their feet. Girls enjoy while the boys worship their bare feet.
7. Girls don’t need two guys anymore. They sit on their bewitched victims and smother them under their asses. Alice sits on her boyfriend and leaves him without the air, Kim k1lls a guy under her butt. One men down.


8. Vampire girls don’t know about love. They just want to t0rture their victim. Poor bewitched guy lays on the bed, helpless. Kim and Alice mistreats him under their feet and weight. Over 120 kilos on his body and five minutes of standing, not trampling. One girl makes pressure on his stomach while the other stands on his face and chest. Hard pressure in his head makes him to almost blow up.
9. The guy is not bewitch anymore, but he is tied on the bed and vampire girls Kim and his girlfriend Alice are in the mood for faceslapping. Tomorrow, he will only remember the slaps, nothing more. His girlfriend will be normal, cute and sweet till the next full moon.

VIDEO: 856×480 at 30.000 fps, VC-1@ WMV3, 1894 Kbps
AUDIO: English (US) 44.1 KHz, WMA, 2 ch, 160 Kbps

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