Ella Kross – Punishing An Incompetent Employee! – Part 1-2

Ella Kross - Punishing An Incompetent Employee! - Part 1-2

Part 1: fter arranging to meet with a real estate agent to look at some property, I show up to find the moron doesn`t even have the right location. Furious that he`s wasted my time I scold him for is idiocy and he begs me not to tell his boss about his blunder. When he tells me he will do anything I want if I don`t report him I waste little time coming up with several cruel punishments for him. I take him behind an abandoned building n blindfold him before gagging his mouth. I cuff his hands behind his back, pull down his pants, and whip and spank his bare ass repeatedly until it`s bright red n swollen! faggots like this are the reason I always carry bondage n discipline gear with me wherever I go. You never know when you will have to punish somebody!

Part 2: A meeting with a real estate agent goes horribly wrong for him when he leads me to the wrong property and I punish him for being so incompetent. I guide him into a run down building, pull down his pants, and cane his bare ass hard and fast while he cries out in pain. “Shut up!” I scold him as I continue delivering brutal lashes to his backside. “I am sorry!” he groans as I punish him with painful blows from my whipping rod. I laugh at his anguish as I torture him and have him count the lashes as I doll them out. “1… 2… 3…” How much can his poor ass handle? Maybe he`ll do his job right from now on and won`t waste somebody`s time!

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