Ella Kross – Riding and Whipping My Human Pony Boy!

Ella Kross – Riding and Whipping My Human Pony Boy!

Today I am going to be riding my pony boy, so I need to decide which of these five whips I’ll be using on him. After some careful deliberation, I choose two of them and hop on my slave’s back to ride him like a little horse. I whip his bare bottom to keep him moving along, laughing as I deliver painful lashes to his red ass. When it becomes obvious that my pony needs a rest, I have him lay down on his back, kick off my heels, and trample him by walking all over his naked body. He groans in pain under my feet as I step on him, then it’s time for him to get back to work as my human pony! I climb on top of him again and have him continue carrying me around the room while I strike his sore ass with my whipping rod. “Faster!” I scream as he shuffles around on all fours with me on his back. I think I might have to trample him some more!

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