Emasculatrix Orias Give U a Choice

Emasculatrix Orias Give U a Choice

U have been set up. U`re now chained up and on your knees in front of a sexy, young dominant woman in fishets, boots with spiked spurs, and a really short tight dress. She is there 2 take your balls…

She loves her job. She loves being with a man in his last minutes of manhood, and being the one to take it from him. She loves the begging n pleading, and she loves making that moment last as long as possible.

Orias gives u a choice. U can spend your last minutes as a man completely humiliating yourself 4 her, and she will make the actual process of taking your balls quick and as painless as possible. Or u can defy her and she will really enjoy making things go as painful and as long as possible.

Will u cum on your own face 4 her? Will u beg her 2 take your balls and tell her u don’t deserve them as she smiles in victory? Or will u defy her and let her really go 2 work on u?

Keywords: Emasculation, CBT, Femdom POV, Fishnets, Tight Dress, Boots, Srups

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