EMPRESS JENNIFER – My Outdoor Garbage Disposal

EMPRESS JENNIFER – My Outdoor Garbage Disposal

Everythings going organic theses day even getting rid of slaves. Y`know what they say; it not littering if its biodegradable LOL. That why I drag my failed slave to the middle of the swamp n force his head into the leech infested murky water until his life is no more. IF I CANT TRAIN HIM INTO A PROPER SLAVE, NO 1 CAN and sometimes you just have to put them out of their misery. I guess you can say I am doing him a favor; does he really want to live out his days knowing he FAILED EMPRESS JENNIFER? I dont think so. That is much worse then what I am going to do to him, it just the humanitarian in Me! I am just looking for his best interest, arent I sweet?

– Your Empress

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