EMPRESS JENNIFER – No More Wire Hangers

EMPRESS JENNIFER – No More Wire Hangers

Some people think I am one crazy psycho bitch.. but if they only knew the frustrations I live with, they would certainly understand. I`ve come to expect a certain level of competence and perfection from ALL who serve under Me and if these exceptions are not met heads will roll! Case in point, My foolish slave had the audacity to put My expensive dresses on some trashy wire hangers. The NERVE! So I had to teach him a lesson in high fashion by beating his ass with them! I hope whip marks are in vogue next season because My slave will have plenty of them LMAO On top of his flagrant error in my closet, he has the gall to put his disgusting fat ass on My brilliant white fur rug. I am already in a bad mood and have been drinking a little so his beating will be more server then usual… hmm, sucks to be him! This fucktard is getting too big for is britches and I am going to make sure he goes to sleep

Empress Jennifer

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