EMPRESS JENNIFER – One Mean Employee Evaluation

EMPRESS JENNIFER – One Mean Employee Evaluation

I think I am pretty fair to all the people that work for Me. I mean where would I be without all the little people working their little brains to keep My vast empire successful. Take for instance johnny; the retarded PA. I gave him a second and third chance to work his way out of slavery n have a normal job so he does not have to live out of a dumpster anymore. And what does he do? FUCK IT ALL UP! I am a big believer in TRAINING N DISCIPLINE. I think you have to invest in people. So that’s why I demand johnny keep his balls in a device that I can crush at any moment. It’s a lot better than kicking him in the nuts all day like I used to. Well to be fair, some habits are hard to break, HAHA. Today I give him an employee evaluation where I allow him to pay for his mistakes. A few kicks to the gut should fix his wagon. And to remind him continually to keep his mind on his work, I crush his balls to the max with that device. I have dealt with his sort before, trust Me. Results are just around the corner LOL


– your EMPRESS

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