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Erotic Tanya LJ - Cocktail of farts and spit - Farting

Erotic Tanya LJ - Cocktail of farts and spit - Farting

My pathetic little pet seems to be eager for some more face sitting and face farting tonight, but he already knows he won’t just get it all out of me that easily. He’s gonna have to work extra super hard to earn those farts! So after cleaning the house until the floors are shinning and the dishes and washed, I decided he had to prove his worth a little more, by dr!nking my spit! After all, such a yummy cocktail of spit and farts should taste like absolute freaking heaven for a little loser like he is! I know that it’s all just an excuse, the fact that I asked for it first is just an easy way out…he can pretend he did it all for me, to please me, but I know that deep down, he secretly always wanted to taste my spit! And by the way you’re drooling and dripping with precum as you’re reading this, I can tell you’re also quite eager to taste my spit yourself! Question is, though, are you more keen to taste my farts or my spit? Or just a cocktail of both? Well, you better be ready, cause I’m gonna be passing quite a lot of gas in this video! Open your mouth up wide before you click play!

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