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Erotic Tanya LJ - Roomie caught obsessing over fart fetish - Farting

Erotic Tanya LJ - Roomie caught obsessing over fart fetish - Farting

You come home feeling happy and ready to relax a little when you see me with your phone in my hand. You immediately panic, as you finally remember that you left your phone at home when going to work. Aaawww, why are you so anxious, little thing? Is there anything in there that you wouldn’t want me to see?:) I start teasing you about it and slowly push you into telling me what it is that you’re hiding. While at the beginning you’re trying hard to look innocent and refuse to tell me, after hearing a couple of my farts as I tell you about those fart fetish videos on your phone, you get pretty hard in your pants, which makes it harder to play that good boy role. The more I tease you about it, the harder it gets for you to deny your obsession for farting girls, especially since I also saw that Twitter account you made, where you tell everyone how you’d love a girl to just sit on your face and fart in your mouth haha 😉 It is time for you to confess, roomie..after all, if you do come out, it might just be a whole lot easier for us to have fun. I might even let you smell some of my farts, I might even tease you with them, even fart right into your face if you ask nicely. So go ahead and confess if you want me to let you taste them, smell them, jerk off to them little a little addict.

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