F00t Reward 4 The Pain Slave

F00t Reward 4 The Pain Slave

Ok I`m actually going 2 pay attention 2 the slave instead of ignoring it as it kisses my feet. It is the least I can do after all the begging n pleading, lol. My feet are so sweaty after beating him in my black thigh high boots. He took a lot of pain today so as a reward I allowed it 2 kiss my wet n sweaty feet while telling me a list of the most humiliating things that he can actually do 2 earn me $$$. (And it is VERY motivated after the beating it just took from me! LOL) He started off by offering his services as a g@y fag cock sucker, haha! I made him tell me all about how he was going 2 earn cash 4 me by leaning 2 be a faggot n sucking dicks 4 money on Craigs list, bwahahah! I didnt even have 2 drag that out of him, he just offered it like a broken slave. I hope the little faggot puts as much enthusiasm into sucking those dicks as he is putting into kissing my feet.

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Footworship, Foot Fetish, Female Domination, Forced-Bi, Humiliation, Femdom, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi

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