Farahs 1st Time Ballbusting

Farahs 1st Time Ballbusting

We`re introducing girls left n right to the joys of DOMINATING and abusing pathetic males! Mistress Farrah has never kicked a slave in the balls before. She can’t believe that they have 2 literally just STAND there with their legs spread wide open just because we TELL them 2 and simply ALLOW Us to kick them in the balls as hard as we want! She thinks its hilarious! (As most girls do when we offer them one of our slaves 4 them 2 kick as much as they want.)

To be honest, she doesn’t kick SUPER hard because it is her 1st time so I have 2 step in and show her how to really DESTROY a slave’s nuts. (She is amazed at how hard I kick it right in its nuts lol!) But eventually she comes around and lands a few good ones with her pointy toed pumps. :)

Empress Jennifer

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

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