Feet Fighters – Karly’s Violent Foot Gag: 1080 HD

Feet Fighters - Karly's Violent Foot Gag: 1080 HD

The print model Karly Salinas here delivers one of the deepest, most relentless, cruelest and most brutal, clear-fluids-flowing foot gags we`ve ever seen. Thin Man channels Fat Fuck, those Brazilian girls n beyond as he suffers here taking a deep and violent throatfucking from the foot of the from the New Mexico beauty queen. Here, Thin Man spits all over the place, gagging, her foot down his throat in jackhammer foot gags – like it’s a plunger and his mouth n throat the problem drain – her lording above him; the camera looking sometimes up at her, tan with white straight teeth. She’s such a pretty girl. And she is mean to her spine here as she gags him over n over again – his eyes filling n spilling over with tears n face fluid everywhere – on him – in the air – on her perfect foot. The camera catches for a time her developed adductors and calves as the weightlifter rams her foot down his throat relentlessly. She orders him to open his mouth and gags him until he heaves air violently n repeatedly. She taunts him about it being hard to breathe, keeping him in terrible suffering but never stopping – instead saying “Deep in there” just before she makes him retch. She won’t stop. It’s brutal and cruel and a wry smile creeps across her face as he suffers more. The magazine model with the angel face is a devil. Everything on her jaw-dropping body is a weapon. “More; deep” she orders him from above, pumping her foot into his mouth n slipping it down his throat in pure abuse. More retching. His face swells. She bites her lip in pleasure as the camera finds her looking at him in agony. She loves hurting people. She loves foot gagging. She’s a master at it. Some hot girls are just good at everything. She is so adorable she grabs the camera and captures herself dominating him as he shakes and trembles and begs her. She won’t stop. She wants to hurt him. She’s almost as abusive foot gagging as she is hot; as hands back the camera, he tells her how sick he’s getting and she says, flatly and with perfect apathy – “that sucks, there’s still more to go.” She turns her foot like a screw in his mouth to make sure no part of it is OK, that he is in pain for days – then foot fucks him more, until he gags horribly, violently; she tells him “just a little bit more; just until you choke.” and rams her foot down into his throat until he can’t take anymore without, it seems, his face exploding. It’s Karly’s first foot gag, and one of the most violent anywhere ever, which is remarkable. But it’s no surprise as she is remarkable, telling us after she has made Thin Man a waste of nausea how she loves lifting weights – that squats are her favorite. Whatever she does works to perfection as no girl better packs beauty and femininity in with muscle than the newest, hottest and most violent foot-gagger on the planet, Karly Salinas.

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