Female Wrestler Owns Her Manager

Female Wrestler Owns Her Manager

Stephani is a pro female wrestler on the road. She is all dressed up in her shiny red leotard, shiny tights, and black boots. Her make up is done, she just needs 2 find her keys. Her lazy manager, who travels with her, is not helping her n she is sick of his attitude…

Stephani jumps on the bed to show her lazy manager, Dynamite, who is boss. She starts 2 grapple with him, and he does not take her seriously. Even though she is a pro wrestler, she is still a girl…

He gets her in a head lock quick, but in a flash she has his arms behind his back and she is on top of him, spanking him to add 2 the humiliation of being dominated by a girl. She does not stop there. She toys with him, putting in hold after hold, humiliating him, and taking shots at his balls whenever she can.

After making him submit over n over, and kneeing n squeezing his balls, she puts him in a scissor hold, grabs his balls and makes him admit that she is a stronger wrestler than him. Once he does, she lets him go n makes him get up and find her keys, then smiles and giggles, knowing she owns him.

Stephani has changed into a tight skirt pantyhose. She has a hot date. Her manager stops her on the way out the door. He confesses 2 her that he has always had feelings 4 her…

After she dominated him earlier, he can’t stop thinking about her. When he tells her this, Stephani’s sadistic side kicks in. She loved throwing him around earlier, and making him submit that she is better than him. Now she is wondering just how much control she can have over him…

Stephani teases her manager, leads him on, then POW, nails him in the nuts and giggles… She does this over and over, laughing at how easy he is 2 dominate, and how pathetic he is to still want 2 fck her. After breaking his balls, she tells him that it’s too bad he won’t be able to get it up, and leaves him 4 her date.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Tease And Denial, Pantyhose, Mini Skirt, Ball Squeezing, Natural Tits Bouncing, Mixed Wrestling, Leotard Fetish, Spanking, Scissor

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