Femmbreze – ChiChi Medina – What A Girl To Do

Femmbreze - ChiChi Medina - What A Girl To Do

Starpower Chichi always getting herself in some rather peculiar situations, fore instance one pitiful pond is sent to assassinate and bring back the secret lost file concerning Ms. Medina. But for some odd reason every time someone gets close enough, the very second someone lift their eyes on the heavenly body of Chichi Medina, they become weak which makes it also easy to overpower her opponent n dominate. So this 1st pathetic attempt never stood a chance, Chichi immediately claped down on his body with her legs, shortly afterwards she choke down on his neck with a sitting HEAD SCISSORS until he was, now on to the next challenge. The Menacing Mass Street Fighter aka THE BUM is behind this assassination attempt and as he stands before our malice Medina for the first time The Bum becomes weak, he is captivated by her body and is unable to use his full forced to defeat her. Chichi overtook him with HIGH SEXY KICKS, BALLBUSTING, brutal blows and PUNCHES, a strong and lengthy Leg Sidewinder Kick to the face to put him down. Now that The Bum is immobilized Chichi chokes him out with a reverse LEG SCISSORS. After all was said and done finally she can retreat back but Chichi’s work isn’t over for the kingpin has arrived, the assigned target she was waiting on all day. So after all she has gone through she wanted this kill to be slow and special n since Chichi likes her victims suffering through suffocating she thought a FACE SITTING SMOTHER will do just fine.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Upskirt, Scissor, ChiChi Medina, Scissorhold, Facesitting, Ass Fetish, Tease & Denial, Teasing, Tease, Denial, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting

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