Fierce Boot Licker Punishment

Fierce Boot Licker Punishment

Truly one of our finest moments. If you`re a humiliation loser or a shoe licker you`ll cum in your pants imagining that this is u!

This loser sits there as the hottest mean girls on the planet smoke cigarettes and make him lick their boots. He licks the bottom of our dirty boots and gets them shoved deep in his pathetic mouth.

But wait…there’s more! We`ve an old pair of black heels that need cleaning and we duck tape them to his face so he can enjoy the smell all day too! I made extra sure I duct taped them good and we especially tried to get as much tape in his hair as possible, haha.
-Goddess Suvana

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Footworship, Goddess Suvana, Bootlicking, Humiliation

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