Fifty-one Kicks In The Balls

51 Kicks In The Balls

Awe, it’s your 50th Birthday… n u want 2 spend it with me? Well if u want 2 spend time with a mean girl at Mean Girl Manor then u deserve this gift I`m going 2 give u, LOL. It’s fifty massive kicks 2 the balls plus maybe one 4 good luck! Oh… n don’t expect me 2 take it easy on the first 30 or so just because there is gonna be 50 kicks. I need to give u a few of each technique, Kicks from the front, Kicks holding your leash, kicks with a running start n, oh yea… Kicks on your knees, LOL. How does it feel knowing u lived 50 years on this planet and your finest moment is being immortalized on film, thanking me each time I kick u in the nuts! Your life is being destroyed at the same time I am destroying your balls.

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Ballbusting

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