First Time Whipped

First Time Whipped

This is one of our favorite, most obedient slaves. It comes whenever it is called, basically does whatever it is told, and is very eager 2 please. (It’s primarily Bella’s bitch, but she lets all of us use it.) The funny thing is, this bitch has never been whipped! So me n Harley decide 2 REALLY test it’s obedience n devotion – by BEATING it with paddles, whips, n whatever else we can get our hands on LOL. He actually takes it pretty well… until we get to the single-tails… then he crumbles at our feet with each crack of the whip. :)

And we totally leave him all marked up – he will be remembering US 4 days afterward… we even left some “lettering” on his ass 2 remind him of us! So who do u think did the most damage 2 the slave anyway? Amazon Mistress Harley, or little ol’ ME?? Hmmm??? U’ll just need 2 watch the video 2 find out, slave! Although I WILL tell u that the poor slave was in absolute AGONY at certain points of this clip… LOL.

Oh! And I almost forgot! There is some bonus footage at the end of the clip because my friend Jordan came 2 M 2 “watch me do my thing” 2 these pathetic slaves. (I tell her about it all the time n she thinks its AWESOME haha.) So she had 2 come see 4 herself. Anyways, she is behind the camera, watching n laughing for most of the clip, but at the end I ask her 2 come out n take a few cracks on the slave’s back 4 herself so she can see how it feels 2 be able 2 cause PAIN 2 another person with like NO repercussions whatsoever n they even have 2 THANK u 4 it! LOL. She fuckin LOVED it! She is just decked out in her casual chuck taylors or whatever. just chillin n beating on some of our slaves while we all laugh our asses off at its suffering haha.

Princess Cindi

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