Footdominas – ELECTRA – ‘Saving Private Vigor 2 Amazon Land’ – EXTREME Dirty Feet Gagging

Footdominas - ELECTRA - 'Saving Private Vigor 2 Amazon Land' - EXTREME Dirty Feet Gagging

We escaped, again! We run on the forest like crazy, like wild anima1s, we finally escaped from the Dark Kingdom of Rea! We`re not anymore in this house, to be dominated and humiliated by bitches, we`re free! But we must cross the borders of the Amazon Land…The information we took is that no men live there, just Dominant Women and if the catch a man, they make them their slave. Of course we prefer to risk entering there, than a border with real soldiers, after all, they`re just women!

I`m on handcuffs sitting on the ground and this cruel Amazon asks me if I`ve something to confess. I say no and she gets annoyed, so she puts her dirty foot into my mouth and starts to gag me hard! She says that since I don’t want to use my mouth, she`ll do it for me! She footgags me harder n harder, her foot is down my throat and the dirt of it is all over my mouth! But what can I say, she`ll not believe me! I suffer in agony the cruel footgagging and I hope my brother will set himself free n save me!

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