French Maid Might Rip Off Your Balls

French Maid Might Rip Off Your Balls

Now our newest ballbuster, Kelly Rockstone, is dressed to in a sexy french maid outfit with Fishnets. (Her ass is amazing in fishnets) She has the slave’s cock n balls tied to a string n she teases him with her body, smiles, and YANKS! As if the yanking on his balls wasn’t bad enough, she kicks him with her pointy high heals a few times as well. She looks so hot in this clip, if she weren’t ripping his balls off, he’d probably cum just from looking at her. After a good amount of abuse, she tells him that she’s going 2 leave, but 1st she’s going 2 tie the string 2 the door knob, “and lets just hope nobody comes in and slams the door…” He begs her not 2 and she approaches him with a sexy slow walk, looks him in the eye like she loves him n then BAM, knee 2 the balls. When he drops to his knees she kicks him again. Of course, she leaves him on the floor, smiling as she turns away.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Fishnets, Free

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