Fucked & Milked in the Kitchen

Fucked & Milked in the Kitchen

[this is “Fucked in the Kitchen by Alexis Grace” and “Edged Squeezed and Milked in the Kitchen” as one continuous scene for a discount]

Alexis Grace towers over Lance in her high heels, high cut one piece and sheer pantyhose. She pushes him into the kitchen by his throat and teases his cock while her strap-on sways… She’s about to bend him over n own his ass…

Alexis slides her strapon in his ass n gives him the sweet dick while he moans and her perfect big tits bounce. She fucks him good in the kitchen, telling him he’s a slut the whole time.

She reaches around and strokes his hard cock. Every touch tingles while she rails his prostate. She knows how 2 keep him right on the edge, begging 2 be her slut.

After railing his ass good until he’s twitching, she spins him around n grabs his cock, asking him what he’s willing 2 do 4 her 2 make him cum…

Alexis drags Lance back in the kitchen by his throbbing hard cock. She’s been using him as a sexy toy 4 a long time but not letting him cum. He’s begging her 4 release. She loves it…

Alexis teases him with her body, bringing him close 2 cumming over and over with her hands n tits (tit-job) until he’s literally twitching. Every time he almost blows his load, she stops n squeezes, slaps or bites his balls.

Finally she lets him release. He cums on her, her kitchen counter, the floor, her pantyhose… She scoops up some cum n makes him lick it from her fingers while she plays with the head of his sensitive cock.

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