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FuckedFeet - Jasmine Mendez and her Size Eleven Feet! - Foot Worship

FuckedFeet - Jasmine Mendez and her Size Eleven Feet! - Foot Worship

Hey guys & girls!! This is from a recent Fetish Con I had attended and what a great time I had. I shot 10 girls and every one of them was sensational! To start things off, I shot the ever popular and SMOKIN HOT, Jasmine Mendez! Yes, size 11 feet! I have been wanting to work with her for quite awhile now and I got my chance at Fet Con. Jasmine is a super classy and attractive woman. This girl is a hard worker and a mover and a shaker and very well-liked. When you saw her at Fet Con and at all the socializing events, she was among the best dressed. She is also really cool and is hilarious and with a great sense of humor. With that being said, she turned out to be a very fun shoot. In this first clip, we see her in sneakers without socks. Her feet get very sweaty and she teases you by peeling them off slowly. Her wrinkled soles are amazing and they are very deep wrinkles. She points her toes, wrinkles her soles and does a perfect toe point. Jasmine is also good at wiggling her toes. In addition, I have Jasmine tease you with her feet in the Pose Position from both angles and at the end, I have her rub GEL OIL all over her HUGE FEET and she gets them all wet and shiny. Just wait until you see HOW SHE TELLS ME HOW SHE WANTS HER FEET WORSHIPED! I could not wait to finally lick her huge size 11 feet and to suck her toes! I gotta tell you how lucky I feel to have gotten the opportunity to do that. I had her wear sneakers and no socks to ensure her feet were very sweaty. Look at the size of her sneakers, WOW! Her feet are extremely soft and her soles have deep wrinkles. They looked even better in person. Since she’s been wearing sneakers with no socks, she asked me how they smelled. Next, you get to see Jasmine Mendez’s huge size 11 feet get worshiped and licked in the Pose Position! Great angles plus close-ups of this beauty as she gets her super wrinkles soles licked and toes sucked. Check out her deep wrinkles as her soles scrunch up. Great facial expressions and reactions from Jasmine as she loves having her feet worshiped. She also gets her feet worshiped as she lays on her stomach with her soles facing up and on her tippy toes! Next, is something totally different from what I am used to. Check out how she TELLS ME WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO WORSHIP HER FEET THE WAY SHE WANTS ME TO DO IT! This clip is classic. If you want to see a girl be dominant, tell me what to do and tell me NOT to lick her feet. She likes her feet nibbled, her toes sucked really hard. Jasmine also loves having the sides of her feet bitten and sucked. She says ” NO LICKING! ” I had no choice but to do it HER WAY and NOT mine. She forced me to stick all of her toes in my mouth. She also commanded me to suck and nibble the BALL OF HER FOOT. In the end, she approves but not after being schooled and told what to do.

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