Gia Primo – Keyboard Warrior Knockout

Gia Primo - Keyboard Warrior Knockout

Gia squares off against Guy in a competitive match. Seems he went to some wrestling forum and flapped his gums about how he could beat Gia because he was the man and she was so small, etc. Well, Gia never backs down from a challenge and gives the asswipe a chance to prove himself. She wastes no time taking him 2 the ground & putting him into a chokehold. Then she manuevers herself into a reverse headscissors and really amps up the pressure on his bald peanut head. He can’t take Gia’s powerful thighs and starts tapping….but Gia just doesn’t care! She keeps squeezing until he legitimately goes to sleep. You can even hear him snore! After he comes to, they square off again and he tries to take Gia down. But he stupidly positions himself so that she can trap his empty noggin between her poweful thighs again. In less than a minute, Gia puts him to sleep again. He even starts drooling on the mat. Seems YouTubeGuy suffers from premature hibernation! Because he goes to sleep pretty damn quick! He begs off & tries to end the match but Gia kicks him right in the balls and says otherwise!! Taking him to the ground again, she bends him into a pretzel before forcing him into a triangle choke. She even rolls around the mats with him trapped in her chokehold, showing her true dominance before putting him out once again. But Gia is also kind as she wakes him up….with a brutal reverse headscissors! But her benevolence is only temporary as her mean streak kicks back in and she sends him to dreamland one last time. After waking up, he is forced to say his safeword. Gia doesn’t believe him but he runs like a coward into the safety of the kitchen. But Gia won’t let him off the hook that easy. He is forced to humiliate himself by saying that Gia is the real deal…that she is very good at what she does and she should NOT be messed with, Truer words were never spoken!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Gia, Gia Primo, Goddess Gia, Trampling, Trample, Jumping, Head Scissors, Scissor, Scissorhold, Knockout, Humiliation, Degradation, Mixed Wrestling, Mixed Fighting

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11 min

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