Give Dava & Molly Your Last Nut

Give Dava & Molly Your Last Nut

Dava Foxx & Molly Jane have come 2 take your balls. It doesn’t matter why. U`re tied 2 a bed, naked, and they are looking at u, giggling, with their huge tits bouncing.

They 2 play with u before they emasculate u. They think would be fun if they give u the worse case of blue balls u’ve ever had before u lose your manhood 4 good.

Dave squeezes your balls n your cock is immediately erect. Molly lubes u up and they get 2 work teasing u. They are really good at this, and every time u`re just about 2 cum, one of them squeezes, slaps, steps on or kicks your balls.

They do this over n over, then leave u begging 4 release. They will be back 2 finish u soon.

Molly & Dava come back 2 finish what they started. They edge u while Dava plays with Molly’s tits and when u get close 2 cumming, they abuse your balls with their hands n feet.

Part of u is trying not to cum, because they are certainly going 2 destroy your balls after u do. Most of you just wants release after all the blue balling.

Eventually Molly milks u till u cum a big load. They look at each other n giggle. They stand up and take turns kicking your balls, then leave u 2 get their tools…

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