Goddess Cheyenne – Obedient slave Training

Goddess Cheyenne – Obedient slave Training

Goddess Cheyenne has left Her slave for hours in the dark, chained n alone, training him to accept his utter helplessness to Her whims. As he hears Her heels clicking down the steps, he is so excited that his Goddess is near – even if it means his torture is about to begin.

Goddess wastes no time in punishing her slave, clamping his nippes n attaching an electroshock device to his balls. Goddess coldly sends shock after shock into Her slave’s balls, barely smiling as his body convulses from the pain. The slave’s cries fall on deaf ears as Goddess increases the intensity, seeing exactly how much Her bitch can take to please Her.

If the slave thought his torment was over when Goddess removes the elctrodes, he is sorely mistaken. Since the slave jerked around so much while being shocked, Goddess decides to give him some practice in taking pain better by caning his inner thighs! And after each painful stroke, the slave repeats his holy mantra: “I`m an obedient slave to Goddess Cheyenne!” Maybe with enough suffering Goddess might actually believe him – but that day has not yet arrived.

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