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Goddess Grace - Anniversary Gift

Goddess Grace - Anniversary Gift

Goddess Grace has been married to you for 4 years. You have been a good husband when it comes to cleaning around the house and cooking dinner. On your 4 year anniversary you made her special family recipe and got a bottle of Champaign.

All Throughout dinner she isn’t paying any attention to you. She is on her phone texting, giggling and texting. You have put your heart and soul into this marriage. She is your life, you’re nothing without her. You get frustrated and confront her, asking her what she is doing that is so much more important than your anniversary dinner. She finally stops, puts her phone down and tells you that she wants a divorce. She has found another man that has a much bigger cock that satisfies her sexually. You beg for her to stay married to you. She means everything to you and you couldn’t imagine life without her.

She doesn’t really care to listen to your begging, but she was planning on going out with her new man and she would find it entertaining if her new man were to come over so that they can have fun while you sit on the floor and watch. You find it very humiliating and refuse. She says that is the only way she will stay married to you.

Later that evening, she is sitting on the couch with her new man and you’re sitting on the floor next to the couch. She has her stocking covered feet propped up on his legs next to his cock. She makes you look at his cock while she strokes his cock with her nude nylon stocking covered feet. She strokes his cock until he cums all over her nylon stockings, then she makes you get real closed and stick out your tongue to clean up the mess her knew man.

Goddess Grace

390 mb
9 min

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