Goddess Grace – Taste Of Hard Work

Goddess Grace - Taste Of Hard Work

Goddess Grace is a country girl that works hard to maintain a home. She spends every bit of spare time she has working in the garden and working around the house. Her sister passed in an unfortunate car accident several years ago and Grace has taken on the responsibility of her nephew. It’s sad, but his life has not turned out the way it should have. He is not motivated to do anything. He just sits around the house and drinks beer.

One afternoon, Grace spent the entire day working in the garden and she finds her lazy nephew sitting on the patio with his feet up, almost passed out with an empty beer bottle in his hand. Grace has finally had it. She is tired of her nephew being so lazy. She is about to teach him someth’n.

Grace tells her nephew he better do something around the house, for once. He should start by cleaning her dirty feet, just so he gets a taste of hard work.

Goddess Grace

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