Goddess REA – ‘Saloon Girl’ – EXTREME Domination And Humiliation In Cowboy Style Boots – Boot Domination

Goddess REA - 'Saloon Girl' - EXTREME Domination And Humiliation In Cowboy Style Boots - Boot Domination

I slap him and my cowboy boot land on his chest, pushing him down as I insult him verbally. I tell him to kiss my boots and he protests, but soon I make him lick the dirty soles of my boots clean! I step on him and I crush his face and throat under my boot and I step full weight on his dick crushing it! We are alone in the bar and I will teach this loser a good lesson to remember!

It was a long day and I feel a little tired, so I use his face to sit and rest! I smother him under my jean shorts as I sit full weight on his face with my boots on his laps kicking and crushing at the same time! I do painful butt drops on his face and I ask him if he likes it, as he begs me to stop!

I put my knee on his throat crushing him and I spit on his face and on his mouth. I slap his stupid face hard and I spit on his mouth, spilling tequila on his mouth at the same time! This is my special shot for him! I push him on the floor and I kick him brutally many times, making him collapse on the floor. I tell him to get up but he cannot, so I take off my belt and I start to whip him hard! I put in on fours and I ride him with my belt in his mouth. I slap his ass to galop and to make horse noises and I ride him hard, jumping on his back. Of course after a while he collapses again on the ground…what a stupid ! I trap him between my strong legs and I smother him hard with my hands. I see the fear on his eyes as I cause anoxia to him and I let him breath when he is on the limit!

I kick him back on the couch and I start to trample him brutally under my boots! I kick and stomp him hard as I stand on him and I jump FULL POWER on him, many times! I trample hard his body and crush his dick, and his face looks so red that makes me kick and stomp it more. I do some more bone breaking butt drops and I see that he is ready to pass out, so I throw him out of my bar, kicking his ass to move! I think I just lost a customer…

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