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Goddess Soleil - Security Breach

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There had been several robberies in Soleil’s neighborhood recently so she decided she needed to install a security system. She called the most reputable home security company she know of in the area to assess her home to make sure she was safe. The man that came and installed the security system was very nice and thorough. He explained everything so that she could feel safe.

The security technician couldn’t help but notice how sexy Soleil’s feet are. He couldn’t stop looking at them the whole time he was installing. He had to find a way to get closer to her. So, while he was explaining to her how to disarm the security system, he may have looked over her shoulder so that he would know what her security pin # was.

Late the next night the security technician entered Soleil’s house and had the security pin to turn the alarm off. He was very quiet as he entered Soleil’s bedroom where she was still sound asleep. He lifted up the blanket that covered her beautiful feet hoping not to wake her. Once her feet where right in front of his face, he couldn’t help it, he had to get a sniff of what they smell like. He pulled up his mask so that he could get a really good smell.

Her feel smelled so good and she wasn’t waking up. He couldn’t stop there, he wanted to get just a little taste of this beautiful woman’s feet. He may never have this opportunity again so he couldn’t pass it up. He started licking and kissing her feet. The more he tasted her feet the more he wanted. He got more and more aroused as he was licking her feet. He got a little carried away because she sat up startled and realized quickly it was the technician who installed her new home security system.

He begged her not to call the police. He wasn’t there to rob her he only wanted to smell her feet. Soleil doesn’t need the police, she puts a hood over his head and a rope around his neck to secure it and leads him to another room in the house. He has no idea what is going on, but when she removes the hood he is in a dungeon with whips, chains and a cage. He also has a chastity device on. He panics not knowing what she is going to do to him. She shoves him into the cage, sits in a chair next to him and lights a cigarette. It’s going to be a very long night for this security technician.

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