Goddesswhiskey – Bound Smothered Teased and Blue Balled Part 1-3

Goddesswhiskey - Bound Smothered Teased and Blue Balled Part 1-3

Part 1: Now that my femdom landlady has me in chastity. She is going to dictate when I`m to have my orgasms. She tells me that she is going to let me cum but not until she is ready. She rides my face like an amusement ride making me sniff her ass as she expertly teases my cock until it is swollen n purple.

Part 2: After the 1st four minutes of teasing I`m almost about to cum. Round two (five more minutes) She hops off of me, leaving me right on the brink. She pulls out this little teeny tiny brush and starts to tickle the underside of my cock driving me insane. I`m so close but that little brush isn’t going to bring me off. She amuses herself just playing with it like it is a toy. She licks her finger then drags it up and down my cock just below the head teasing me some more before rounding it off with some more stroking n some cock slapping.

Part 3: I`m so horny now. She is so amused stroking me and bouncing up and down on my face making me smell her ass and nearby feet. I ask to cum n she stops stroking, and slaps it more and more. She one finger teases some more, before sroking me even closer to the brink. I ask to cum she then hops off me leaving swollen n totally denied.

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zip (include 3 .mp4 clips)
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13 min

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