Goth Girl Ballbusting n Emasculation Teasing

Goth Girl Ballbusting n Emasculation Teasing

Autumn is a very pretty goth girl, and she needs to use Michelle’s apartment 2 change, but Michelle told her that she has to kick her slave in the balls 20 times as a favor. Autumn has no problem abusing the slave. She loves the idea that he’s going 2 lose his balls soon, and that the girls sell his ass 4 sexual favors from time 2 time. Autumn knees pretty lightly at 1st, but looks sexy while she does it, and teases well. She bends him over at one point n knees him from behind

When she gets him on the ground, she lightly kicks his balls

Her shoes are hard n pointy and when she steps on his cock n balls it doesn’t take much 2 really hurt his sore genitals. She bends over n says, “U’ve got some nice balls, it’s a shame u are going 2 lose them :)………” and then kicks him directly in the balls with her pointy high heels.

The kneeing is not the hardest ever in this clip, but her sexual teasing n teasing about his upcoming Emasculation is pretty hot. Apparently, her light kicks with her pointy shoes were direct hits, and the slave had a hard time recovering :)

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