Green Light loser

Green Light loser

We decided after this pathetic slave did SUCH a good job worshipping us, serving us, and SUFFERING 4 us- that we would play one last game with it before sending it off. (It was like SO sad 2 leave m3@n G!r1 M@n0r after we were done playing with it btw lol!) We take the slave out of its cage (which is where we have been keeping it between clips while we`re changing outfits & deciding what we want 2 use the slave 4 in the next clip) and drag it outside in the back yard. We make it kneel naked before us n toss it a bottle of lube n tell it that we`re going 2 play “redlight-greenlight” with it.

We explain the rules 2 it (basically WE have complete control of its pathetic jerking) and then we proceed 2 totally make fun of him n mock his little pee-pee while he tells us how hot we`re n THANKS us 4 all the abuse we have heaped on him today. (LOL can u BELIEVE that? It’s like, no matter HOW bad we abuse these losers- they just LOVE us! I still can’t quite get over it…)

By the end Be11a is making the freak say “Yes, Princess Be11a” over n over & over…while we literally look down upon him n laugh in his face. And after about a minute of her making him say her name over n over the slave just like couldn’t take it anymore haha. And we both make him LICK UP HIS FILTHY, PREMATURE “MISTAKE” OFF OUR PAVEMENT!

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Masturbation Instruction, Forced Orgasm, Femdom, CEI, Femdom Domination, miami, Footworship

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