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Hot Foot Humiliation

Goddess Randi

Goddess Randi gets so bored of having slaves working for Her 24/7 and drooling over Her perfect feet, telling Her how “hot” they are all the time…so She decides to have fun with Her most pathetic specimen and teach him a lesson. After walking by him as he scrubs Her kitchen floor and accidentally (???) stepping on his hand with her stiletto heel pump…She decides to toy with him because he actually has the audacity to BEG Her for food! (He apparently has not eaten in several days and She is about to throw out a burrito that She didn’t really feel like eating… She decides that since he is always telling Her how “hot” Her feet are…that She will make them EXTRA hot for him! By throwing his “meal” on the floor, stepping all over it in Her shoes and bare feet, and pouring the hottest hotsauce She can find all over his food and Her FEET! And of course, making him LICK it all up like the dawgg he is!! While She looks down and laughs at how pathetic he is for Her perfect

Hot Foot Humiliation

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7 min

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11 Dec 2012

Amazing blog!

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